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Top 11 highest sold priced Luxury homes 2013

The following 11 homes had the highest sold price in 1013 The Washington area is a great place to buy and sell property. We have a great verity of weather (no it does not rain all the time) we get sun, rain, snow and wind. There are unbelievable views of the ocean, mountains, valleys and […]

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Rising Prices and Mortgage Rates Dent Demand, Pushing Up Supply a Bit

Wall street Journal had a great article this week about the hottest housing markets. Some of the nation’s hottest housing markets over the past year are cooling off as buyers balk at paying higher prices while faced with rising mortgage rates, according to a Wall Street Journal survey of market conditions. In a number of cities across California, […]

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No Federal Guarantee, No 30-Year Mortgage by:Robert Freedman

So in October there was some shutdowns in the goverment. What came of it? I found this great artical that goes over all the information. The looming debt ceiling crisis and the federal government shutdown have pushed aside pretty much every other issue in Washington today, but it won’t be too long before one of […]

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