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Top 3 Real Estate Deal Killers

The way some people talk, it would take a miracle to make it from a signed purchase agreement to the closing table. But in reality, most real estate transactions go through with nary a hitch. Those that do hit snags, however, run the very real danger of completely falling apart. The problems are sometimes out […]

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Sellers Behaving Badly: The Top 3 Ways to Turn Off a Buyer

Not all real estate transactions turn sour. In fact, few do. But once in a while, a bad apple ends up either selling or buying a home, and can throw the entire transaction into chaos. From buyers allowing their children to run wild through a house they’re viewing to sellers trying to hide home defects, […]

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Creative Design Ideas for Themed Childrens’ Bedrooms

There are many exciting ideas you can play around with when planning a themed design for your child’s bedroom. When picking out décor and choosing a theme, be sure to have fun, be creative and, most importantly, let the child’s individual personality and interests be your inspiration. Be mindful of what is age-appropriate and also […]

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